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Frequent Asked Questions

No appointment is needed, walk-ins are totally acceptable, just walk in and say hi!

We do give FREE examinations and dental treatment quotes. We are known to match prices if not beat our competitors, all the while maintaining a high level of quality service and materials.

We are compliant. Our protocol for security measures involving your information is above standard regulations

We can treat you, many times we will beat your cost with insurance. Come in for a free quote.

Smoking marijuana will not impede our service. Your lifestyle decisions are not of our interest. We only care about your oral health. However, do not cross any amount into Mexico as it is against the law.

Local anesthesia and sedation is available.

Your options for replacing a missing tooth will depend on where the tooth gap is located. The most common recommendations for replacing a missing tooth include a bridge, a partial denture, or a dental implant. Each of these options has specific pros and cons, which can be discussed with your dentist.