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At JP Dental Office, here, in what is known as molar city and the Dental Capital of the world, We help people get the dental care they need. We make it affordable and easy. Our team of dentists in Los Algodones have been taking care of folks from America and Canada for years. Our extensive experience, high quality materials, plus a full service certified lab provide for an extraordinary level of Dental Care and Treatment. Which is why we guarantee your satisfaction.

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When it comes to the safety of Mexican dental tourism, tens of thousands of US & Canadian patients have received high-quality dental work in Los Algodones. Here, in what is known as the molar city, dental Capital of the world, it is very safe.

First-time dental tourists are often surprised at just how great the facilities are in Mexico. Many Clinics are ADA certified and have state of the art equipment. Many of the Dentists have degrees from high level recognized universities in dentistry.

The US Mexico border point of entry and exit opens at 6:00 am and closes at 10:00 pm.

Yes, it is completely safe. If traveling to Los Algodones, you can rest assured that it is considered to be one of the safest towns in the world. Tens of Thousands of North American Medical Tourists are constantly going over to Los Algodones to get dental treatments. Many stay overnight at Local Hotels. The majority of the Local population also speak fluent English, and everything is just a walking distance away.

There is a secure parking lot next to the border entry point on the U.S. side. In the Mexico side there are also many parking spaces and parking lots that exist for tourists within the town of Los Algodones.

When entering Mexico by land, travelers might not be asked to show a passport upon entry, but you will need it when crossing the border back to your home country. It is recommended to have with you a valid passport as proof of citizenship to avoid any hassles during your trip.


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Our bilingual dental practice is the right choice for patients who require comprehensive dental treatment. JP Dental offers collaborative multi-specialty care under one roof. It is a combination of quality care and convenience, unmatched in Los Algodones.

  • You will always be treated with courteous respectful care.
  • Your satisfaction and comfort are our priority.
  • Only high quality materials are used to exceed your expectations.
  • Our Dentists & Specialists are board certified for your reassurance.


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